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03/03/2015 PRESS RELEASE - Management Acta Orion
06/08/2014 Deep Helder animation film
05/06/2014 Sea trials Deep Helder
23/04/2014 Deep Helder launched!
13/03/2014 Deep Helder is progressing
18/11/2013 Keel laying Deep Helder
29/10/2013 Flintstone dumps rocks at water pipeline
09/09/2013 Normand Flower completes cable installation
09/09/2013 Bibby Sapphire
23/08/2013 AEO certificate for Seamar
19/08/2013 Seamar participates in research & development project
02/07/2013 Seamar in European Oil & Gas Magazine
11/04/2013 5 year contract for Seamar's new built vessel
09/04/2013 Seamar shipped heavy load to Middlesborough
26/03/2013 SeaMar orders Multipurpose Offshore Vessel
21/12/2012 SeaMar Shipping awarded long term IRM contract by GDF Suez
13/12/2012 Acergy Petrel in Den Helder for a crew change
11/12/2012 Blizzard in Den Helder
06/12/2012 Seamar Services b.v. received ISO9001:2008 certificate
22/11/2012 Piles for Dong Siri project
21/11/2012 Oceanteam opens storage base in Velsen
15/11/2012 Stril Explorer chartered by Bluestream Offshore
10/10/2012 Acergy Osprey at Shipdock
30/08/2012 Ocean Eagle in Eemshaven
08/05/2012 First pipes for GSP's Wintershall project arrived
06/03/2012 Acergy Osprey in Velsen for maintenance
15/02/2012 Seven Navica in Den Helder
14/02/2012 Seabed Worker in charter for Bluestream
24/01/2012 New name for Acergy Eagle
04/01/2012 6th Chiquita vessel to install permanent ballast
03/01/2012 Acergy Discovery
19/09/2011 Solstad vessels in IJmuiden and Den Helder.
19/07/2011 Chiquita vessels in IJmuiden
30/06/2011 Acergy Falcon completes pipelay project
01/06/2011 Titan Salvage resumed salvage of the Vinca Gorthon
27/04/2011 KVSA acquires majority stake in SeaMar Services
06/04/2011 Loading of 340 ton reel
06/04/2011 Acergy Petrel in Den Helder
04/03/2011 Pipe spoolbase in Velsen.
22/11/2010 Seamar Splendid completes riser installation
11/10/2010 Fugro Saltire in Den Helder
30/09/2010 Siem Ruby in Dordrecht
11/08/2010 Titan cuts off bow of Vinca Gorthon
18/06/2010 Acergy Viking in Den Helder
10/06/2010 Ernest Shackleton on hire to Bluestream
10/06/2010 Fugro Searcher operating from Den Helder
29/04/2010 Loading of catamaran
15/04/2010 One of the world's largest DSV's in Den Helder
25/03/2010 Normand Subsea in IJmuiden
06/01/2010 Seamar appointed as agents for Titan Salvage.
20/10/2009 Oceanteam Installer on geotechnical job
16/10/2009 Appreciated team work
25/09/2009 Acergy Petrel
06/08/2009 Subsea 7 base in Den Helder?
06/07/2009 Skandi Seven in Den Helder
10/06/2009 Bibby Topaz in Den Helder
03/06/2009 Seamar Splendid on charter to Gaz de France
03/06/2009 Skandi Achiever
21/04/2009 Fugro Engineers
21/04/2009 SeaMar agents for Technip
20/03/2009 SeaMar purchases vessel
21/02/2009 Gargano in Den Helder
15/01/2009 Fugro Discovery commenced annual pipeline survey
15/01/2009 Rockwater 1 left Shipdock


  • 03/03/2015

    PRESS RELEASE - Management Acta Orion

    The operational management of the Acta Orion... More
  • 06/08/2014

    Deep Helder animation film

    Deep Helder animation film... More
  • 05/06/2014

    Sea trials Deep Helder

    The Deep Helder commenced her sea trials... More
  • 23/04/2014

    Deep Helder launched!

    The Deep Helder was launched at de Hoop Shipyard... More

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