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“Even if you are no longer at the helm, to us you are and will always remain the compass on which we as SeaMar shall continue to steer the right course“. These were the closing words of Rory Balkema’s speech during the retirement party for Leo Balkema.

This October does not only mark SeaMar’s 22nd anniversary. It also marks a family anniversary that defied all odds to grow strong and achieve great things together. Leo Balkema is stepping down from the family company after more than 2 decades. His son Rory Balkema has taken over the role as Managing Director of the SeaMar Group per 1st October 2022.

During the past two decades Leo has put SeaMar on the map as a maritime service provider and created excellent conditions for the future. “A future in which Rory’s leadership and commercial talent will be of great value and contribute to the continued success of the company”, said Leo Balkema.

SeaMar thanks founder Leo Balkema for his extraordinary passion and dedication which led to where the company is now and wish him success with all future endeavors. His leadership will be missed. However, Leo will remain active as advisor and shareholder to the SeaMar Group.