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SeaMar is contracted by ENSHORE Subsea as their dedicated supplier of Port Agency & (Vessel) Logistic Services for their beach pull operations in The Netherlands during the BT North telecommunication network development project.

Establishing the BT North Sea subsea telecom network includes the installation of the ICENI-cable connecting Winterton (UK) and Callantsoog (NL). Part of the scope involves shore-end installation of the cable which is connected to the land cable through a beach manhole in Callantsoog.

To allow seamless logistic flows of equipment during the various stages of the project and smooth port calls for the vessels, the SeaMar logistic and agency departments provide a variety of integrated services which optimize and efficiently support ENSHORE’s on- and offshore activities.

Our logistics team is involved with setting up a work site around the beach manhole. The location requires a cordoned off area to create a safe work zone, quarters for personnel residing at the work area, security of the premises, mobilizing of cranes and transport of equipment utilized on site.

In addition to facilitating the beach pull activities, SeaMar is providing vessel agency support to the multipurpose DP2 offshore installation vessel “SIMA” which is deployed on the offshore operations. The services include crew transport, waste management, storage & warehousing, freight forwarding, port logistics including mobilization and demobilization support. This in addition to husbandry & procurement services on behalf of both ENSHORE and JD-Contractor A/S.