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Being an offshore service provider at heart, SeaMar is excited to support the Offshore Experience Event as a partner.

Many of the employees working in the blue economy: offshore energy companies, ecology, fisheries and more, usually talk about their work at sea, but rarely visit offshore locations. The Offshore Experience introduces the entire sector to the forces of the North Sea.

Whether you are a professional in the offshore industry, an entrepreneur interested in offshore opportunities or a student. At the Offshore Experience you will be able to feel what it is like to be at the mercy of the elements while, at the same time, working towards a sustainable blue economy.

A sustainable blue economy is with the huge claim on (marine) space becoming more and more important. So how can an offshore wind farm and gas platform share their space with fisheries or farming? During the Offshore Experience you will gain knowledge about the most important topics of today’s offshore challenges.

The Offshore Experience is for anyone active or with an affinity in the blue economy: offshore energy, ecology, fisheries, transport etc.

On the 8th September this unique event will take place on Willemsoord in the heart of Den Helder. The event consists of three parts;

  • The Experiences
  • In-dept Masterclasses
  • Plenary Sessions

For more information on the event and full program, visit The Offshore Experience site: OFFSHORE EXPERIENCE