PRESS RELEASE - Management Acta Orion

The operational management of the Acta Orion, the flagship of Den Helder based company Acta Marine, will be carried out by specialist ship managers SeaMar Services, also based in Den Helder. Both parties signed an agreement for a number of years.


The Acta Orion, a 108 mtr long and 16 mtr wide wind farm support vessel, will be delivered by CIG Shipbuilding in September 2015. It will become the largest ship in Acta Marine's fleet . After delivery, the vessel will be deployed on behalf of Van Oord for work on the Gemini offshore wind farm, 85 km off the northern Dutch coast. The Acta Orion will be able to accommodate 75 persons.


Managing Director and founder of SeaMar, Leo Balkema: "Acta Marine" has contracted us to handle all aspects of daily operations for the vessel. This includes technical support and logistics, purchase and HR." SeaMar has expanded its office in Den Helder and will employ three extra staff in order to cope with all the extra work generated by this vessel management contract. 


In addition to its activity as a vessel agency, SeaMar Services is also very proficient in ship management. Not only for the ships in its own fleet, including the multipurpose diving support vessels Seamar Splendid and Deep Helder, but also for ships owned by other shipping companies. Leo Balkema continues: "It is very gratifying to see that offshore related companies have so much confidence in our ship management activities."


Acta Marine is an independent maritime service provider that is active world wide with a fleet of more than 40 workboats.


SeaMar Services is a sister company of SeaMar Shipping and SeaMar Subsea. The former is a shipping agency that offers a wide service package to thye offshore and shipping industries. SeaMar Shipping and SeaMar Subsea are ship owning companies. 


Signing of the Acta Orion management contract  The signing of the vessel management contract by Govert Jan Van Oord, Managing Director of Acta Marine (left) and Leo Balkema, Managing Director of SeaMar Services. 


Acta Orion  The Acta Orion 

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