Subsea 7 base in Den Helder?

The Nieuwediepkade in Den Helder looked like the Subsea 7 base when both the Seisranger and the Rockwater 1 were berthed there on the 4th of August.  The Seisranger removed rocks from a pipeline and demobbed the specialized equipment used for that job while the Rockwater 1 loaded a subsea protection frame and spoolpieces which were delivered by barge.  A day later, the Kommandor Subsea arrived for a crew change. The Seisranger and Rockwater 1 are operating on the Venture F3-FA project and the Kommandor Subsea is working for Conoco/Philips.


  The Seisranger arrives in Den Helder. 
  The Seisranger with the Rockwater 1 behind her berthed at the Nieuwediepkade.


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